Medium, success, and a math controversy

Starting out my journey here, let’s see where it leads to a year from now.

Aaron Horak


I’m so excited to be starting this new journey! Let me first say “Thank You!” to Medium, and to all the people who already follow me just because I commented on your posts, hope I don’t let you down!

The new guy in town, wanting success

Reads up on the best ways to impress

Alas, there’s so much! and starts to get stressed.

So, I was trying to decide the best way to have some decent success here. I read several terrific articles by many great writers on here. And I started to stress.

Anxiety wasn’t a problem until a few months ago. Some events in my family turned a lot of things upside down, and I began having to come up with strategies for dealing with anxiety in a few areas of my life. Medium is a new area that I’m adding to my life, and thus new anxieties started building as I read about other people’s journeys, even before I began my own! Hopefully I have some tips that can help someone.

Don’t get me wrong, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the advice! But as I contemplated making it all work for ME, I began to feel a bit claustrophobic. I have to do ALL this to be successful? That very well might be true. But I eventually came to a realization that got me unstuck: I can’t do it all! I had been slowly losing my enthusiasm for something that I saw as a tremendous opportunity, and was starting to think I couldn’t do it!

Now to get myself unstuck, I’ve decided to MOSTLY follow the advice I found, but also be reasonable with myself, my personality, and my time constraints; I released myself from the perspective that I need to do everything perfectly, now I’m getting enthused again!

To solve the stress, the answer was clear.

Don’t try to be perfect, just be yourself here!

One piece of advice I’ve seen a few times, that I already know I’m not going to follow: find your niche and stay with it. It’s great advice! But I can’t do it. So, I’ve decided to do something like 60% math and science articles and 25% stories and poetry, and maybe 15% articles about psychology and problems in society. I’m defining that list to be my niche (it’s my definition of niche, you are free to disagree).

I will come BACK to my writing…



Aaron Horak

Hello! I have many interests, including science fiction, real science, writing, and math. I hope to contribute much here. I have a BS and MS in mathematics.