Worlds within

Aaron Horak
1 min readJun 3, 2023

Michelangelo said the statue was always in the marble

It was his job to remove the rest to rescue the statue buried deep inside

So it is with words.

We have so many words, thoughts, feelings, and images swirling around our head. Just try to write a story with that chaotic cacophony clouding your brain, when all you want is a simple silent symphony of sights and soulful impressions to write.

Infinite possibilities when I want just one.

The man.

Does he turn left? No, right. No, wrong, now he’s sitting on the sidewalk. Now he’s a woman. She kicks the wall. Only the wall isn’t there.

She frowns as she studies the chalk pictures and the little sapling growing where the wall never was .

And yet again it is there.

Inspired by the chalk pictures that never were, she is compelled to skip along the wall, as she becomes a little giggling girl. A leaf falls on her head and she looks up, now the man again, sitting cross-legged on the dune, in the shade of a tree that isn’t there, typing on his phone.



Aaron Horak

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